The Prop Trading is an Australian forex prop firm with the mission to create an innovative, stimulating, pressure free and safe trading environment.


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Who is ThePropTrading?

The Prop Trading is a forex prop firm coming out of Australia, offering capital of up to $200,000 for forex traders around the world. They are offering trading accounts on the MT5 platform with access to Crypto and Indices too, with a profit share of up to 80%.

Along with the amazing profit split they are offering refundable fees for those traders passing the challenge stage, retries for traders that get close, and 1:200 leverage making it very possible for you to pass your funding!

Every 3 months, if you’ve had a minimum of 6% growth with an average of minimum 2% gain per month, an additional 25% of funding is added to your account, to reward you for your trading consistency!

With all of this being said, it sounds like a no brainer to get funding from The Prop Trading right now, doesn’t it? Well, let’s have a further look before we make any decisions.

About Company

The company is registered by the municipal court in Prague, Czech Republic.

ThePropTradingSuite No. 1171 17 Gould Road Herston 4006 QLD AU

+61 1300 984 019 Monday to Friday - 9am to 5pm AEST

Review The Prop Trading Program Options

The Prop Trading offers three basic evaluation accounts all with an 80% profit share, and no minimum trading days to obtain the accounts.  One thing unique about this firm would be the fact while the max combined capital in an account is $500k, you can have unlimited accounts separately and achieve even more capital! 

The biggest downside about their account offerings is the lot size restrictions that are imposed on during the three months of receiving a funded account.  The lot size restriction imposed on their accounts for the first three months are as follows:

  • 200K Account – 10 lots per instrument
  • 100K Account – 5 lots per instrument
  • 50K Account – 2.5 lots per instrument


Evaluation Account Offerrings

Step 1 - Evaluation Step 2 - Verification Step 3 - Funded Trader
Trading Period
30 Days
60 Days
Minimum Trading Days
Maximum Daily Loss
Maximum Loss
Profit Target
Refundable Fee

Payment Proof

To be eligible for a payout on funded accounts, your account:balance must be above initial account balance,no violations recorded,
you must have completed 10 minimum trading days and on your account anniversary day all positions must be flat.

Once the eligibility is met, the withdrawal button will be enabled on your dashboard for a period of 24 hours from 12AM EST on your account anniversary date. Please check your local time zone. Simply click on the button and follow the prompts

We offer withdrawals via Bank Wire,  PayPal and “Cryptos available NOW” 

Which broker does ThePropTrading use?

They use BRK HOLDINGS (“The Brokers Capital”), has received 5 stars review from our traders in ultra-low spreads, no commission and fast execution. 
The official “server” date and time are provided on your MT5 trading platform and easily accessible on “Market Watch”(CTRL+M). 
Please check your time zone. Time may change during European Summer Time.

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